Qingwei Ben
Undergraduate, Tsinghua University
Intern, Shanghai AI Lab

Hi! I’m Qingwei Ben (贲清炜), an undergraduate at Weiyang College, Tsinghua University, majoring in Mathematics and Physics + Software Engineering. I am also an incoming Ph.D. student at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, directed by Prof. Dahua Lin.

During my undergraduate studies, I was fortunate enough to engage in research on mobile manipulation of quadruped robots under the supervision of Prof. Huazhe Xu at the TEA Lab, IIIS, Tsinghua University. Additionally, I worked as a visiting student at MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab and Umass Amherst, under the direction of Prof. Chuang Gan, where my research focused on differentiable tactile simulation. Currently, I am an intern mentored by Dr. Jiangmiao Pang at OpenRobotLab, Shanghai AI Lab. My research interest lies in Embodied AI, especially in legged robots such as quadrupeds and humanoids. My hope is to one day create intelligent robots akin to Vision, as what Iron Man did in the Marvel movies.

I am an avid fan of the NBA, League of Legends (LOL), and Teamfight Tactics. In my free time, I enjoy travelling, reading, painting, and writing calligraphy. If you want to communicate with me, feel free to drop me an e-mail at, I will respond to it as soon as I see it.


  • Embodied AI
  • Deep Reinforcement Learning
  • Legged Robot
  • Tactile


Chinese University of Hong Kong
2024 - 2028
Ph.D. Information Engineering
Directed by Prof. Dahua Lin, MMLab
Tsinghua University
2020 - 2024
B.Sc. & B.Eng. Mathematics and Physics + Software Engineering
Directed by Prof. Huazhe Xu, TEA Lab


  • One Paper Difftactile get accepted by ICLR 2024 , January 2024.
  • Become an intern at OpenRobotLab, Shanghai AI Lab , September 2023.
  • Work as a visiting student at MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab & UMass Amherst , June 2023.
  • Become an undergraduate at Weiyang College, Tsinghua University , September 2020.

Recent Publications

* shows equal contribution
RoboDuet: A Framework Affording Mobile-Manipulation and Cross-Embodiment, 2024, In submission
Guoping Pan* , Qingwei Ben* , Zhecheng Yuan , Guangqi Jiang , Yandong Ji , Jiangmiao Pang , Houde Liu , Huazhe Xu
DiffTactile: A Physics-based Differentiable Tactile Simulator for Contact-rich Robotic Manipulation, 2024, ICLR 2024
Zilin Si* , Gu Zhang* , Qingwei Ben* , Branden Romero , Zhou Xian , Chao Liu , Chuang Gan